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  • My computer is running slow

    18 May 2013 | Blog
  • My Computer is running slow

    We often get asked whether a customer should buy a new computer or fix their aging slow computer.

    The simple answer is this depending on your circumstances. If your Mac or PC is under 3 years old and you are not using it more intensively then when you first bought it then upgrading your RAM memory and a tune up is most likely all that is needed.

    It is possible to remove some software that might have been installed over time and that is no longer required. Some anti-virus packages do slow down computers because of all the different components that are installed and use a lot of memory. If you have less than 1GB of RAM then it is well worth upgrading to at least 1GB or more for better performance.

    If you are only using your computer for browsing the Internet and checking emails, a 3-5 year old computer will most likely be fine with at least 1GB of RAM and a tune-up. However, if you are demanding more from your Mac or PC than it would be time to consider a new system.

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