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  • Connectivity

  • The IT Clinic offer a range connectivity options for businesses in London. We are a business only service provider and as such you can expect exceptional quality from any of our internet connectivity options. Our range of connectivity options include products from DSL, Satellite Broadband, EFM and dedicated leased lines, as well as a variety of WAN connectivity options for your business needs.


    We have partnered up with some exceptional internet service providers in order to be able to offer the right business only service to our clients. All our business connectivity solutions provide prioritised traffic for VoIP, VPN and business traffic.

    All our solutions are can be customised for your unique needs and a small number of our standard options can be found below


    Static IP
    Unlimited Data Usage
    Contension Ratio
    Max Download Speed
    Max Upload Speed
    Free Activation
    Contract Length

    BT Enterprise Broadband

    Annex A
    3 Months

    BT Enterprise SuperFast Fibre

    Annex A
    3 Months

    Gamma Converged 2+

    Annex M
    Free Cisco 887VA-M
    24 Months

    Pure Fluid

    Multiple Network Types
    up to 200 Mb/s
    up to 60 Mb/s
    Free Cisco Router
    12 Months

    EFM - Ethernet First Mile

    EFM is a lastest in Copper technology providing leased line service up to 20Mbit/sec. It is delivered over copper twisted pairs from the local telephone exchange. The service is symmetrical and uncontended. EFM can usually be installed in around 45 days

    EFM is a ideal replacement or upgrade for conventional SDSL.

    Leased lines

    For fast dedicated Internet access that won’t let you down a Leased line is the ideal solution. Our Leased line options can be used for a variety of business applications such as Hosting, Internet VPN, VoIP and SIP.

    If you rely on business-critical applications over the Internet, using our copper or fibre Leased lines deliver the highest quality service and availability you will ever need

    A Leased line service is a larger investment for a business than a standard broadband connection, but the benefits could easily out-weigh the costs.

    • High speed Internet guaranteed
    • Internet always available, 24/7/365
    • Only pay for the bandwidth you need
    • Fast data streaming with a range of guaranteed upload speeds
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