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  • DataVault

  • The backup and safe storage of business critical data forms a vital part of any Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity plan, and many organisations conform to this by storing backup data on local (on-site) systems. However, in the event of equipment theft or an office fire, backups stored in this way are likely to be destroyed or difficult to access, resulting in lost data and considerable time and expense involved with recovery.

    To remove these risks, the datavault remote backup service sends the backup data over the Internet to our off-site backup storage vaults.

    Automatic, cross-platform, scalable, and installs in minutes: the DataVault off-site backup solution will automatically create and upload an archive of your files to servers located in our secure datacenter. DataVault will then perform continuous incremental synchronisations to ensure that the remote archive of your files is completely up to date. Should a restore be necessary, you can quickly and easily select one of several archives, or simply carry on from where you left off by restoring the latest available backup.

    1. Suitable for single or multiple PCs/laptops, across multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux).
    2. Quick and easy to setup, with automatic scheduling and management of Near Continuous Data Protection (NCDP)NCDP (Near Continuous Data Protection)
    The near-continuous backup feature means that several “point in time” data recovery options are available, minimising disruption in the event of a disaster..
    3. Backups are stored securely on dedicated remote RAID devices (Redundant Array of Independent Disks)
    Simultaneous use of multiple hard disk drives within the same server to achieve high levels of reliability (redundancy).


    Installed on each machine that is backed up, CrashPlan PRO™ is the software component of the DataVault remote backup solution. Simple installation takes minutes, and the multi-platform, maintenance-free software is renowned for its ease of use.

    Near Continuous Data Protection

    A key benefit of the DataVault solution is the Near Continuous Data Protection (NCDP) feature. Once the initial backup of your data is uploaded to the secure storage servers, the DataVault software will automatically update the remote backup archive every 15 minutes, ensuring that you have a fully up to date backup of your files on standby should it be required.

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