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  • FAQ

    • Lost data? Your next steps are critical!

      If your drive is making clicking, grinding or whirring sounds, shut down your computer immediately. These sounds could be the read/write heads hitting or scraping the platters. Severe or complete data loss could result.

      Unplug the power to the computer before removing the hard drive and handle the drive carefully. Hard drives are extremely sensitive to static electricity and physical jarring or jolts.

      If your data is critical, make sure you choose a reputable recovery firm that can properly recover data from physically damaged drives. Even the simplest recovery attempts on a physically damaged drive could render your data unrecoverable.

    • I'm unsure what email system i need?

      We provide a free email service with all our webhosting packages which are addeqate for low and home usage, but we would always recommend a MS Exchange hosted mailbox which comes with a massive 50GB mailbox per user and with prices starting from only £31.20 per person it's the ideal solutions for any size business.

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